Download some of our recent sermons

  • Judges

    Our sermon series to start off 2020 are looking at the book of Judges, some difficult passages to get to grips with. The sermons will appear here in due course, and apologies in advance for any delays.

    Judges 1 and

  • December-January sermons

    Apologies for the delay in uploading sermons, it has been a busy couple of months for the webmaster. But here are the sermons from the second half of December, better late than never.

    Carol Service
    John Heron
    The gift that

  • Advent Sermons

    Leading up to Christmas we are hearing about the birth of Jesus from the records in the gospel of Luke. Please use the links and players below to catch up on the sermons in the series.

    (And apologies for the …

  • Romans Series

    Our recent series on the book of Romans, with the theme of Righteousness, came to a conclusion in November. You can listen to all the sermons from the series using the media players below.

    Romans 1v1-17
    Myles MacBean
    Romans 1v18-2v32

  • August sermons

    Through August our sermons focussed on some of the looks Jesus gave people he encountered throughout his ministry, and the effect those looks had on the people who received them.

    Looks of Jesus : The rich young man
    John Heron

  • Joseph

    The sermons on our series looking at Joseph are available using the media player below. We hope you gain much from them.

    Genesis 37
    Bernard Brown
    Genesis 39
    Shaun Atkins
    Genesis 40
    Bernard Brown
    Genesis 50
    Bernard Brown

  • James – Sermon Series

    Our current series is taking a look at the book of James, an easy book to read, but perhaps a very hard one to apply to our lives. Listen to the sermons below.

    James 1v1-18
    Bernard Brown
    James 1v19-2v13